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Thread: Chinup grip width

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    Chinup grip width

    Just wondering what hits the lats more, wide or close grip chinups?

    Also when doing pullups (not chinups) you obviously need a wider grip - do these hit lats more or less than chinups? People say they use biceps less than chinups but I feel my biceps get worked more doing these..

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    Surely someone knows? My searches haven't revealed much solid info

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    In my personal experience, if I go too wide I don't get much help from the lats, and if I go too narrow it's the same problem. I generally stay 3-4" wider than shoulder width.

    Actually (LOL), look at my avatar pic. Although I'm hanging from a wood beam in a log cabin and making a madman face, I'm also pretty much at my regular pullup width.
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    I think I read in one of the articles on this website that a pull up will hit the lats more than a chin up. I'm not 100% sure though. As far as the grip width goes, was mrelwooddowd said works pretty well. As long as you're comfortable with that grip then use it, but if you have to make a small adjustment (make it smaller or wider) to be more comfortable that's no big deal.

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    i always read that going wide is better for the back. gives you the v taper

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    Cman and Mrelwooddowd have pretty much got it covered.
    Just experiment along those guidelines and find out what works best for you, everyone is different and all that jazz. Plus, it doesn't hurt to do both pull-ups and chin-ups, and with different grip widths!
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    i have found that changing the grip usually helps a lot to just hit everything. i will do 5 sets total to failure. 2 wide pronated grip, 2 neutral grip, and 1 reverse grip

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