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Thread: Something that has really helped my benching

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    Something that has really helped my benching

    I wanted to pass this along to everyone. I have been doing this for the last two months and it has seemed to really help me. The other guys on my team have been doing it also and we have all hit PR's. This is geared toward Raw benching. I do both but have been training for an APA meet coming up. Before I have hit 545lbs in a comp. Since doing this I am doubling 545lbs easily and took my first shot at 6hundy. Was close but by no way would it be a good lift in any fed. So here is what you do. Pick your 5 rep max and bench one full rep have someone place a one board on your chest and complete another rep. Then two board same thing. Lastly use a three board and rep it out for as many as possible. This gives you a ton of volume at higher weight with out using reverse band tension. I think this will help improve anyones raw bench. If not atleast it is fun and something new to try good luck

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    That sounds like a cool idea. I will have to give it a roll. God knows my bench needs work .

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    Sounds like fun. I love doing triceps death.
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