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Thread: AtLarge Nutrition new product! Nitrean+ --- Nitrean supercharged!

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    AtLarge Nutrition new product! Nitrean+ --- Nitrean supercharged!

    So, how do you improve upon the best product of its kind on the market? That is the question we had to ask ourselves when we decided to add an improved version of our best-selling protein supplement Nitrean.

    Nitreanís unique protein blend (whey, casein, and egg proteins) has been integral to its being chosen as the Best Protein for Men for the past 3 years by Menís Health Magazine (08,09, and 2010). The blend makes Nitrean superior because it provides for the best net retention and utilization of any protein supplement heretofore available. Itís good, real good, but we wanted to offer our customers a choice of something even better. The question was how to do it?

    The answer is embodied in our newest product, Nitrean+. Nitrean+ is, in a nutshell, a supercharged version of Nitrean. This supercharged effect is a result of two significant differences. Nitrean+ still retains Nitreanís award winning backbone of 3 fractions of whey, casein, and egg proteins, but it takes that backbone and optimizes it with the inclusion of significantly more whey isolate per serving and most importantly, a class leading 5g of leucine per serving. Leucine, a branched chain amino acid, has been shown (at doses of less than 5g) to stimulate protein synthesis (the creation of new protein) to an equivalent degree as that of complete proteins. Nitrean+ stimulates protein synthesis better than any protein supplement AND it provides the amino acids over an extended period needed to take proper advantage of it.

    Nitrean isnít going anywhere, but if you want up the ante a bit give its big brother Nitrean+ a try! Available NOW only at

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    Awesome! Whats the ratios of protein sources in regular nitrean vs nitrean+ ? And how many total grams of BCAA does that make it, gotta be like 8+, no?

    And the most important question... when can we expect a vanilla nitrean+ ?
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    Superignorant question here. Right now my post workout meal is a banana, scoop of Nitrean, and some creatine monohydrate from you guys.

    Would an upgrade to that be Nitrean+, banana, and a scoop of Results? Or do you think that would be unnecessary considering there would be some overlap in provided nutrients?
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