When I stretch my chest or i have to cough or something, I get this pain around the sternum area. I've been doing some reading and my best guess is that it's due to overtraining my chest. Since I recently had a full body scan for another matter etc. I can exclude diseases, fractures, and so on..

The pain also goes away after a day or two..and I think that's been my mistake till now, since the pain always goes away, I just keep training my chest..but then the day after or two days after the pain is back, so I'm guessing I need to give my chest a bit more rest than I've been doing now.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this? How long did you back off from chest excercises etc; because it's hard for me to figure out if it is still bothering me or not..the only way till now was to train chest again and yeah..

Should I also put something anti-inflammatory on it?

Thanks in advance.