I just joined and this is my first post on any weightlifting website/forum. (I also don't
know if there is another topic more well-suited for this )

Basically, I just want to know if my work out routines / nutrition is right for building muscles, and I'm not
screwing up in some place.

Short description of me:
-16 years old (1 month from 17)
-Current weight around 155lbs-160lbs
-5ft 11'
-Lifting for about 10months now

I've usually been working out 6 days a week, each day switching which body parts I work out.
For example, Work-Out-1 would consist of my biceps, shoulders, back, and abs.
Work-Out-2 would consist of chest, triceps, and legs. I'd alternate between those two different
workout routines - Go on Monday do workout 1, go on Tuesday do workout 2, go on Wednesday do workout 1, etc... Sunday I rest. Each day I spend 1h - 1h 30m at the gym.

I would give the exact workouts I do for each body part, however that would take a long time
(if anyone would like them, however, I will submit them... to further help critique me)


I try to eat around 2800-3000 calories a day, and limit my fat and sugar consumption as much
as possible (probably 400 calories from fat a day). I eat a lot of carbs and fruits, but not many
vegetables. I also use Whey Protein throughout the day, and 30minutes after workouts.

At day one I weighed about 130, and now I'm up to 155ish, with some fat gain, but only very little. I'd give my body-fat percent, however I don't know it!

That about sums me up I suppose, tried to keep it short... which I believe I did! Yeah, I'd very much appreciate anyone
with any comments to reply. Tell me if this look great and I should just keep on doing what I've
been doing, PLEASE say something if I am doing it wrong, or recommendations.

Thanks in advance, and I'll be watching this post and try to reply to anyone who comments