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    My Carb Cycling diet

    Well, little background first...

    I came on this forum 3 years ago or so and was skinny as a rail. I was about 180 pounds and at 6'5" with no muscle this wasn't pretty. Most on here said just squat and eat everything in sight...well I took that advice literally and gained all the way up to 245 and I made the 3/4/5 plate goal that I set for myself.

    About two weeks ago, I was mowing the lawn shirtless because it was pretty hot out and I noticed that every step I took, I could feel my stomach bouncing and drooping. On top of that, my wife noticed it too as she peaked out the window to look at me. Not good!

    So, I basically freaked out and went low carb for two weeks and I got all the way down to 233. Obviously way too drastic a change and my gym energy was non-existent. This motivated me to buy the lean gains book by Shelby Starnes..and here I am today.

    I am two days into the far I have had just one low day and one high day. The diet will consist of two high days per week, one medium day, and four low days.

    Since my weight will fluctuate daily, I will have to take pics to track progress. I will do this every week or two on a high carb day.

    Here are the first pics...go easy on me . I am putting these here because it will motivate me to stick with the diet. Plus I want to help others in case this diet actually works out for me.


    You can see the potential for me being lean right? I SEE IT! This is motivation.

    FRONT AND BACK - FAT AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is also motivation because relaxed i look like one piece of lard.

    Note the depressed face LOL.

    Here are my low, medium, and high carb days..Adapted directly from lean gains.

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