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    Mac's Journal

    Hey! I've been training for about a year and a half (after nearly 10 years of inactivity in over 20 years as a nuclear submariner) and this journal is mainly to help me keep track of progress whilst (hopefully) motivating me to push harder!

    In the 1st year of training I put on about a stone of lean weight (under the flab accrued over 2 decades of alcohol abuse) though I pretty much lost that in 6 weeks when I broke my foot just before Christmas 2010! I've put about half of that back on since I started training again about 6-7 weeks ago (though I still can't lunge, squat or push the deadlifts).

    I read Jay Wainwright's 'Backside of Arms' article and, as that's always been by far the weakest part of my body (when I was active before, everything I did was leg-orientated: cycling, running, squash, kickboxing, hillwalking) I've decided to give that a go. I have added a lot to the rest of the week in order to do the rest of my body and ended up with this:

    Day 1 - Arms (am & pm)
    Day 2 - Rest
    Day 3 - Shoulders
    Day 4 - Legs
    Day 5 - Arms (am & pm)
    Day 6 - Rest
    Day 7 - Back & Chest

    I realise this is a lot but I'm determined to see it through for the 6 weeks (eating like a sonofabitch!) to see what happens! After that I'll (hopefully) have full movement back in my ankle so intend to try the 5x5 to pack on some meat.

    Any (preferrably positive) comments or suggestions are most welcome.


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    Age: 41 - Height: 5'10" - Weight: 197lb (NOT LEAN! (but maybe finally getting a little bit leaner?))

    Squat: 180kg (396lb) x 2
    Front Squat: 100kg (220lb) 5 x 5
    Zercher Squat: 140kg (308lbs) x 1
    Bench Press: 110kg (242lb) x 1
    Deadlift: 220kg (484lb) x 1
    SLDL: 170kg (374lb) x 1

    Mac's Journal

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