16 January 2013

Squat (warmup):

20 @ 20kg
20 @ 20kg
20 @ 20kg
10 @ 60kg
5 @ 80kg
5 @ 100kg

Note: all beltless.

got a 24 hour period of duty onboard today so did this early (0600)... I am NOT a morning person and EVERYTHING felt stiff! first 2 warmup sets were a struggle legs started to loosen up on the 3rd set.

the 'twinge' in my left trap was back... I think it's actually my left shoulder so did some rotator cuff mobility stuff whilst warming up

Squat (Smolov Base Cycle Week 3 Day 2):

3 x 5 @ 120kg (264lbs)
2 x 7 @ 120kg (264lbs)

Note: belt on at the slightly higher position than previously and stance slightly wider.

very slow start as I got used to the belt higher up but I felt much better by the 3rd set with a 2 breath pause at the top between reps.

got to half way through the 4th set when I realised that I should be doing 7 reps NOT 5!! (I AM A DICK!) I usually write out exactly what I'm going to do beforehand and then tick off each set as I complete it (except when I get distracted by the kids (or Facebook)) but this morning I wrote down the number of reps by each set after I'd done them. lesson learnt; if I'm ever going to workout at stupid o'clock in the morning again I must prepare better to ensure I don't f**k it up!