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Thread: South east tornados

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    South east tornados

    Was anyone on here affected? Alabama got torn up pretty bad. One of the worst ones came within 2.5-3 miles from my house. I can literally drive in any direction from my house and find overwhelming destruction. It's being said it was the worst outbreak ever.

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    Glad you're ok. I haven't seen much in terms of the devastation yet in pictures. I hear Tuscaloosa got hit pretty hard.

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    Great video, but it really doesn't give a sense of the actual scope of the devastation. It's like that, and worse, all over the northern part of the state.

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    That storm moved right over our house before heading up North. We didn't get any severe stuff, but we got some straight line winds, tons of rain and flooding. A buddies roof caved in, several fences thrown about. Glad ya'll came through ok up there, I've seen pictures, it's incredible the amount of damage this storm did across us.
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