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    My progress

    This is just a couple weeks, can you tell any difference? And any guesses on BF?
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    PR's @ 169-170, 5'10
    Squat- 1x315
    DL- 1x330
    Bench 2x235
    Total- 880

    Goal- Ideal Weight 180, and Total Raw Weight- 1000

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    accuflex - LOLZZZZ!!!11one1!! SOEM PPL WORK THRE ARMZ!!!!11!! LETS KILL THEM111

    "You can fake effort with grunts and clanging weights but quiet, consistent hard work coupled with gradual strength increases earns universal respect in gyms" - Steve Colescott

    I'd rather Situation be a member of this board. -Joey54

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    I agree with the above, check back in 6 months.
    H: 5'7" W:185
    Goals: 495 -315 -585

    “Persistence Persistence.” - Calvin Coolidge.
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    I'd guess BF% more along the lines of 12-13%, but I am no expert at that.

    10% seems low for no true 6pack definition.

    Keep lifting heavy on the basic barbell lifts, eat big during your post work out window. If you want to stay lean, look in to carb/calorie cycling.
    My 10 week cut results

    "Sweat in training so you don't bleed in battle."

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