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Thread: muscle failure or burning sensation

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    muscle failure or burning sensation

    when i used to do weights awhile ago, i used to get that nice pain where it feels like the muscles are burning, now i just get muscle failure(no feeling, arm just wont lift the weight)
    why is this and whats better, the burning or the muscle failure.
    i think i might get the burning sensation when i do lots of reps(20+) with a lighter weight, and i get the muscle failure when i do 5-10 reps of a heavier weight.

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    I get both sensations when I lift heavy. I get the burning sensation as a first marker...later after doing more reps, I have the muscle failure. I like all workouts to failure where the arm or legs ,etc. give out, but that's me. The "burning sensation" only lets me know that I am approaching failure soon, kinda like a highway sign letting you know your exit is coming up.
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    You can still get the burning sensation by switching up the exercises you do, tricking your body.

    I know how you feel, I miss that feeling on curls.
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    you can have both try it : take your 8RM do 6 sets of 4 reps with 10 sec rest between sets.

    after 1 minutes restart as much time as you can
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