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Thread: drop sets

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    drop sets

    how do you guys feel about drop sets? is it worth adding a drop set after your normal sets of the big 7 lifts? what percentage of the weight would u use?

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    Drop sets can be hard on you but yes they are a good idea IMO depending on the movement.

    I like them on rowing movements a lot.
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    With the routine that you posted...adding drop sets will probably kill you - lol

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    Haha ok. I used to do them just cause i was told to but didn't know exactly why I was

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    Drop sets, extended sets, strip sets, etc.. are all good tools to use as long as they fit the context of your program. Don't just do them to do them. There are ma.y tools in the tool box, but you can't use them all at the same time. You could end up doing more harm than good.

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    Personally I'm addicted to drop sets. I love the pump I get with dropping the weight, stretching the muscle to full capacity / full range of motion, and repping out a few (6-8) more reps. Its the bodybuilder in me..... but of course it depends on the exercise, muscle groups, and focus of the workout.
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    drop sets are good to mix things up and shock your muscles

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