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Thread: Rich Gaspari Inducted into Muscle Beach Hall of Fame on May 30, 2011

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    Rich Gaspari Inducted into Muscle Beach Hall of Fame on May 30, 2011

    They man who introduced the competitive bodybuilding world to striated glutes, extreme conditioning, and amazing vascularity, will be inducted into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame. He will join the names of legends such as Larry Scott, Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Franco Columbu, Corey Everson, and Jack LaLanne among
    others. It all starts at 1:00pm at the ocean front of Venice Beach.

    Rich Gaspari was the first ever winner of the Arnold Classic in 1989. He took 2nd at the Olympia three times.
    They nicknamed him the Dragon Slayer (hence the all the Dragon Gaspari T-Shirts), because although he didn't have the best genetics, his shear intensity, conditioning, and amazing muscularity would "slay" many of the top competitors of his era.

    Now president and CEO of Gaspari Nutrition, his supplements provide todays gym family with an amazing product line. Gaspari Nutrition is a sponsor of 100's of bodybuilding shows around the nation, both pro and amateur level. I think Every show I competed in was sponsored by Gaspari...

    Congrats Rich.

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