I am looking to order the creatine500 from at large website. I am just curious what would be the ideal way to take it. I have read many things, and some reccomend a loading phase while others say it is not necesarry. I also read something that said the most effective way to take creatine is with mini loading phases (3 days of high dosage, and then 3 days abstaining from taking creatine) : here is where I read this:


I also understand it is good to take it with a sugar like a grape juice or dextrose. If i take the dextrose can you buy dextrose powder or something, or should i get dextrose from a natural source.

And how much grams of creatine and sugar/dextrose should i take daily, and is it the same for non-training days, and when (pre/post workout?)

Finally, how long if at all should i cycle, and be off of creatine?

Thanks alot in advance, I jus want to make sure I'm doing it the right ray!