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    Starting from Scratch

    I'm pretty much a newbie to the iron game (started about when I joined this site). I'm an engineer and a med student, but I love sports, all kinds of sports. I'm in it because I love it, I don't have the genes either to bodybuild or powerlift, but I still go in and train hard every week. I started training with a typical bodybuilding split, then turned to starting strength which I really liked, tried texas method but never looked forward to going to the gym when I did it so I dropped it quickly, then went for an upper/lower split, which I love.

    This year was terrible compared to last year though. I had the time of my life in Prague, but I got badly injured (shoulder and back), detrained almost completely and got really sick a few times ( mono once, gastro once). I've been rehabbing since I've been back and trying out new stuff, I'm getting a feel for what works for me and keeps me healthy. Don't have much to offer the forum outside my knowledge of biology, but I hope I can one day have pics/strength to share.

    My stats:

    165lbs, started as a really small phaggot, (pics in the next posts), still am really skinny.
    15+%bf I guess, always higher than we think hehe.

    I don't have huge goals.

    For the summer, I want to cut (I realize how skinny I am) because I want to learn the discipline of dieting.
    I'd like to make strength gains during my cut. Strength gains don't come easy to me (neither do size gains), but I don't care. I just want to make progress, however small, every time I go to the gym. If I gain only 20lbs on my bench in 1 year, I honestly can say I don't care that much. Over 10 years that's 200lbs hehe. I train because it's one of the most enjoyable things I've done and do in my life (for all the partying, travelling in 20 different countries, sleeping around, night outs, etc. my little experience in training still ranks at the top). It's crazy how much I love planning workouts, thinking of new ways to get better, etc.
    For the year, i want to go through bulking and cutting periods. Learning how to properly gaining mass (but not too much) and cutting the fat during the summer.
    I'd like to get to a 405lbs deadlift. It's not a huge deal in the strength world, but to me, with my lower back and my total lack of sports experience before I started lifting, it is.
    I'd like to find what I respond to in training: the right volume/rest. I like to do a lot of volume and a lot of work, it might be hurting my progress, so I'll try both a cycle of high volume, and a cycle of lowered volume.
    And basically, I just want to be athletic and strong, my program reflects that I think. Maybe in the long term I'll do a powerlifting meet, we'll see.

    Outside the gym, I hope I become passionate about my future career as a doctor. I can already feel it'll be the case though as I've loved my pre-med classes up to now. I want to continue travelling, do some humanitarian work (mostly to visit exotic countries, I'm not delluded into thinking I can make a difference lol, though I'll try), continue having friends, dunk a basketball (can almost jump to rim level), do a backflip, learn to breakdance LOL, learn a few languages, maybe settle down with someone for real this time, almost did before I came back to Canada.
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