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    USAPL Meet Results

    Meet Results

    I had my meet this Saturday

    I weighed in Meet morning at 260 after having breakfast, slamming a RESULTS Shake with 2 coops of Opticen a good bit of water. My scale at home first thing in the morning had me at 255.

    I went into this meet with some lofty goals. To be honest I didnít get any of them but I did walk a way with more USAPL experience that will give me an edge come August for USAPL Nationals.


    . I opened at 575. This popped up. I then went to 640. After watching the video I was very pleased with the quality of the lift. I was hoping to go 660 on a third but I opted to wave my third attempt since this meet was purely for experience. Plus a fly shit on the bar I may have died LOL

    Video of 640


    I went into the meet feeling great about my bench. I hit PRs each week and on my last heavy day I hit 430 for 6. I opened with 440 and felt great. I went for 496 twice and flat out missed. No clue why? Felt strong just wasnít my day

    Video of 440


    I opened at 625 then hit a safe 700. I was hoping to get that 496 bench then take like 725 for a third for new American record. After doing the math I would have needed 775 to get that. With those stiff USAPL bars that is a number on a different planet for me right now.

    Video of 700

    So my second USAPL meet is down and its time for Nationals in August. Big Thanks to Chris and Daniel form Atlarge. I have lived off of Nitrean, Results, Opticen, BCAA plus and ETS. While training for my 3 mile mud race warrior dash that I did last weekend my legs were beat to hell and keeping my body fueled was more important then ever.
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    Best raw meet lifts
    Squat:765 with wraps. / 700 raw with out wraps
    Bench: 525
    Deadlift: 755
    Total: Raw with wraps: 2000. with out wraps: 1925

    Best lifts Equipped
    1050, 840, 715. Total: 2605

    Representing AtLarge Nutrition and EliteFTS

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