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680 was it for me. I estimated 715 for Vincent in our earlier talks. I'm starting to think he feigns injury so that we can shock us all with what he ends up hitting. 740 is very very impressive
Very funny Trav. I know you were kidding, but I do want to explain the injury stuff. I discuss my injuries because I know most of us have them. It's rare that we go into a competition unscathed. I'd like the newer guys to see this. We are going to get injuries and we have to figure out what we can work through and what we cannot. For two weeks I could not put my feet on the floor to bench. I could have just said to heck with it and took the time off. Instead I benched with my feet up one session and floor pressed the other. During that time I was actively rehabbing. You get out of this crazy sport what you put into it. There are no quick and easy roads to get there.