^Went to a video enhancing site (actually works really well and it's free), and it has a button to click slow-mo, so that might help with judging it.

For the DL, the weight was light, so I was kind of off balance while leaning back, because the weight isn't heavy enough to hold me up, and I can't have it against my whole body the entire time because of my knee braces (it would get stuck), so take that into consideration.

For the first power clean, I THINK it's decent form, but I'm not sure.

And for the hang clean, it looked pretty good to me, and it doesn't look like I use my arms at all.

Need form checks on all 3 lifts. I used to do them all the time, but my form was bad and no one helped my fix my form. I've been trying to work on both my PC and DL form so I can become more explosive, so I want to get it right to avoid injury.