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Thread: Kiwi Powerlifter... Training to get Competitive

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    Kiwi Powerlifter... Training to get Competitive


    I have had a journal previously but have decided that now since I have competed a few times (so can call myself a powerlifter ) and am looking to move into a new era of my training it is time for a new journal.

    I began my last journal (feel free to view it... in August last year (2010) after advice from powerlifter Shane Church and my stats at the start of that were (all gym lifts):

    Squat - 170kg (374lbs) - estimated
    Bench - 115kg (253lbs) - touch an go, no pause
    Deadlift - 210kg (462lbs)

    Since that time I did a bit of random training until the end of September (2010) before embarking on a 531 routine from then until January (2011) when I switched to 351 style of the same routine. This continued until after my first regional championship in April 2011 (Central Districts, in New Zealand). Since CD's I have completed another 531 cycle before doing some hypertrophy training over the past few weeks.

    But now, after a lot of thinking, and both previous and current research I have decided I will begin a Westside routine.

    As mentioned I have competed a few times now, in three meets, since beginning to train seriously for strength when starting my first journal. So, I now have competition PB's now as follows, all raw, belt only (in the under 83kg, or 183lbs, BW class)...

    Squat 205kg (451lbs)
    Bench 115kg (253lbs)
    Deadlift 240kg (529lbs)
    Best Total 555kg (1223lbs)

    So it begins... A big change that I am sure will produce great results. Bring it on.

    On a side note: Kiwi in the tittle refers to the fact I am a New Zealander and thats a bird only found in our country so we are commonly refered to as 'Kiwi's' for this reason, just in case you didn't know haha.

    The Westside template I will be following is a simple one, and the days of training may differ from listed...

    Monday Max Effort Squat/DL
    Max Effort Exercise
    Low Back

    Wednesday Max Effort Bench Press
    Max Effort Exercise
    Lats/Upper Back

    Friday Dynamic Squat/DL
    Dynamic Squat
    Low Back

    Sunday Dynamic Effort Bench
    Dynamic Bench Press
    Lats/Upper Back

    I am amping to get started now that I have made the decision.. Can't wait! Will probably start on Monday perhaps earlier...
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