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Thread: reverse hypers and their effect on your deadlift?

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    reverse hypers and their effect on your deadlift?

    outside of their use as a traction device, how much have they improved your deadlift?

    I did a few sets with 6 total plates (3 each side) swinging it through to where it pulls me under and contracting fully at the top. I see alot of people just swinging it. Is this the right way to use it? it is a CONTROLLED swing but still a swing. Pulled 700 off the weak point boxes tonight and first time seriously using the device but it didn't seem to be the developer that people claim to be. Just curious on your experiences and thoughts.
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    There's a lot to be said for the exercise performed strictly or as a controlled swing. IMO (and I don't have a lot of experience with the exercise honestly except as a rehab tool), it's a great exercise for people that just don't utilize their hips and hams as much as they could when deadlifting. It absolutely wakes those areas up in a way that other exercises (generally) do not.

    It's an awesome exercise/tool. Not the Holy Grail, but still awesome.
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    I think you should use a controlled tempo or a strict tempo. Just violently swinging it doesn't really make any sense to me. That's just ego.
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