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Thread: Push Pull Routines

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    Push Pull Routines

    I just started working out just around two months ago... the first month I consistently went but I haven't been hardly at all this month but anyways..... I AM GOING TO GO BACK this time I'm gonna keep going but I was wondering about push pull splits....
    I want to work out with weights 3 times a week, and although there is no PERFECT routine I'd like to hear everybody's opinions on the a push pull routine as opposed to a normal split.

    1. Would it be Push Day, Pull Day, Leg Day??

    2. Benefits?? Disadvantages??

    3. Personal Opinions? Whats worked better for you if you have indeed tried both?

    4. Maybe a sample of a push pull routine if any of you have the time.
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    i like the way that the WBB routines are laid out splitting legs, push/pull of upper body, and shoulders/arms.

    I have always preferred a separate day for arms.
    I do legs first on Monday, chest/back on Wednesday and shoulders arms on Friday.
    This way by the time that Wednesday comes around again my arms are rested maximally for use in upper body training.


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