I've never had the taste for oats but I've been trying out this new recipe and wanted to know if it is ok.
Normally I just put some raw oats into a bowl, add some protein powder and some cold milk. It tastes amazing but I wanted to know if this is ok? Should the oats be cooked? Can someone give me the advantages and disadvantages of each?


I'm training to be a sprinter and am pretty quick but this past year due to a few injuries I haven't been able to work out and have put on some weight. My coach told me that to get quicker and less injury prone a sprinter needs the build of a weightlifter (well similar to) at least with regards to the explosive strength. I am a vegetarian (no eggs) and I wanted to know if it is possible for someone to help me patch up a diet plan that I can use so that I can build up and get back into running.

Currently I eat stuff like vegetable soup (with a lot of vegetables), protein shakes, rice, fruits like apples, papayas, oranges, bananas, the above mentioned 'oatmeal' and some other stuff. My diet is pretty limited since I'm a veggie but wanted to know if someone who knew something about this could help me out.