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    I'm starting a training log. I have been lifting for about 7 months. I started at 160lbs, and used HCT-12 as my first program. At 4400 calories a day I reached 192lbs after about 5 1/2 months, and cut down to about 175.

    My goal is predominantly hypertrophy, realizing that increases in strength are my indicator that I am on the right track.

    I have wide hips and decent legs, for my frame, and abdominals showing even when I was above 15% body fat. My weakness is upper body (shoulders, chest, and triceps) and everything else.

    I have terrific eating abilities, so that I can easily eat clean calories till a level higher than my genetics will probably ever need. I never miss my calorie or protein targets. I sleep a minimum of 7 1/2 hours a night, shooting for 8, and take an hour nap after lunch.

    My supplements are:
    NOW Adam Multivitamin x 1
    Member's Mark Fish Oil (900mg EFA's per capsule) x 3
    Member's Mark Vitamin C 500mg x 2
    Micronized Creatine (Whatever big brand is cheapest) 5g x 1
    NOW Beta Alanine 3g x 1
    5lbs EAS Whey / 2lbs Higher Power Micellar Casein Blend (2 scoops = 48g Protein PWO)
    NOW Maltodextrin (72g Carb PWO)
    Gatorade Powder (32g Carb Pre/During WO)

    Age - 27
    Height - 6'2"
    Weight - 177lbs
    Body Fat - Maybe 10-11% (don't know ; don't care)
    Frame - Small to Medium
    Calories - 3200/day avg. (Will probably need to bump up much higher)

    Thanks for any advice,
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