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Thread: I made a spreadsheet to help identify which foods are the most cost-efficient.

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    I made a spreadsheet to help identify which foods are the most cost-efficient.

    Basically I measure everything in price/protein/carbohydrates-per-dollar. I mean, I was always doing calculations like this in my head while shopping, but to see it all laid out next to each other helps. See what I mean?

    So far my big takeaways are:
    -at 53 g's of protein per dollar, I really need to eat more eggs
    -Drinking milk all day is a legitimate option, unless you believe what nutritionists say about dairy
    -Dollar Tree is, surprisingly, a good place to buy food. They have some canned stuff that is totally fine quality-wise (like beans) and the cheapest cheese on the planet (pepperjack, REAL cheese at 660 cals/dollar. Way cheaper than anywhere else except maybe Sam's Club or Costco [I need to check]). And aside from that (getting off topic now) they have decent frozen veggies and fruit. Seriously, if you've never been to Dollar Tree go now, they have locations all over the place.
    -I already knew this, but rice is amazing

    For those who don't know how to use Excel the spreadsheet is set up so that all you have to do is enter the name, price, servings, and amount per serving of whatever you want to calculate and everything else fills in automatically. From there with a few clicks you can make a table and rank them by whatever category you want. I'd be totally willing to give the spreadsheet out to anyone who wants it, maybe i'm just a big geek but I thought some people might be into this
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    Costco/Sams Club/BJs = a must if you're serious.

    I buy the $3/lb 91/9 ground beef and eat that just about every day. It comes frozen and tastes better than my local supermarkets "fresh" ground beef, which costs double.

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