I love my gym.

A full set of amenities that any body builder can use to reach his or her goals, great personnel/ staff, various tries in the back, a list of classes one can enjoy on any occasion. Powerhouse is legit.

But that was a year ago.

Now, I walk in and it seems I no longer go to Powerhouse Gym, but 3/4 of what it used to be or can be. See, the thing is that other fourth is taken up by an entire arsenal of crossfit equipment (GHD*, lifting pads*, bumper weights*, kettle bells, ceiling rope, rings, random crossfit apparatus, etc) and every time I'm on my own doing my list of things, I get the urge to use them. <* Why our gym doesn't have this to begin with is beyond me>

What's stopping ya?

Well, posted all about the gym are these little signs that say "Please do not use [insert equipment here], they are for crossfit members only" and every time I see them, I get another episode of sour grapes when I devise some workout that could benefit me by using the equipment that is in the gym that I pay dues for.

It's almost like I'm no longer going to Powerhouse Gym, but this broad's crossfit center just taunting my curiosity and gym creativity. I wasn't happy when I discovered that the equipment is off limits, so I hope whoever has it in the gym doesn't bitch at me when I use her collars for jump cleans.

Photos soon...

<If this needs to be moved...please>