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    Anyone find particular holidays over-rated and over marketed?

    GRANTED, I know it's 4th of July and damn it, I'm just as patriotic as the rest of em, but after a nice campfire discussion with the friends, we revisited some of our most hated holidays and was wondering what you all thought.

    I despise days like valentines, mothers, and fathers day. LET ME EXPLAIN MYSELF! I feel like these particular holidays have been so Hallmarked into (American) culture to the point of forgetfulness of the other 355 days where we should be treating our loved ones (as if it was valentines day every day) or something like that. Something I felt as a younger adult and to this day. Show respect and love for the ones you care for and they will need for a damn holiday for it.

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    I like all of those, as a family we've developed some fun traditions

    but "Sweetest Day" is a joke to me.

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    Yeah, we've got some fun traditions we're starting with my young wife and family, it's been a lot of fun. Before having kids, I didn't think much of holidays, but man now that I've got kids, it's a completely different situation. It's so cool watching them react to things. And being more of an old fashioned guy, my wife and I, we both sit them down to make sure they understand the meaning of holidays.
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    Valentines day is the biggest BS holiday of them all. It's simply a day for guys to brainstorm how to not get in trouble with their significant other for getting inadequate gifts.
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    Me and my family always get together for most of these holidays so I like them all. I could care less really that it's 4th of July but if it gets me and my family together at the beach (had one of the best times with my family yesterday) then I'm all for it.

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