I have recently started the hct-12 and I am on week 4. Feel as if I am making great progress and lifts for the MOST PART are improving. On my upper day I start out with a flat bench press and my numbers have been shooting up at a decent pace. Before the hct I did a hypertrophy full body program with good success as my first official proven workout besides the shitty workout before that I created with my lack of knowledge. On the upper day I feel like I exert so much energy trying to up the bench press that when I go to do my bb ohp I seem to be exhausted and cant make gains. Should I try alternating the ohp to first on alternating weeks or just keep pushing to eventually up my numbers.
Also I am wondering if Im doing to little on my lifts. For flat bench press I did 45x6, 135x6, 165x6, 185x6x2x2x2. Should I be adding one more set in this for the ramping up portion or is this a fair amount to be doing?
Thanks for any help and I apologize if this question has been asked repetitively.