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    Thankyou all so much for the support!


    I weighed in at 242 exactly, funny that... especially being the change in weight classes which now means i get thrown into the 265's and under as there is no 242 anymore

    485 miss
    485 miss

    315 miss

    495 miss

    awful day, 3rd squat i dumped over my head, spotters didnt get it in time but ironically they grabbed me too early everyone said on my 2nd(no excuses though, that should be an easy squat for me)

    bench went well.. smashed first two, 3rd think the head judge forgot he had to say press...

    deadlift... nothing left, just lost my head completely when they said i hadnt locked first out fully, i felt my hams tighten and thought i will walk away before i get really hurt here, nothing to salvage really with poor squatting and no bench PR... already had 485lbs smash me on the head haha

    so as you can see, not a great day for me and im sure a few of you who compete can probably also tell i didnt really want or was up for this meet at all from posts few days before, very little atmosphere at the venue too, no lifting order on the projector, i was quite disapointed... but even more so disapointed in myself, my training partner dan had an awesome day going 535/385/630 @ 260ish and another friend of mine in the same class pulled a british raw record of 670 which was the most exciting and awesome pull i've seen to date, not because of the weight but how much he wanted it and how long it took him to finish

    going to sit down today and think about what i need to fix and where i want to go from here and some goals... one things for sure, if im not 100% commited to a meet again, im going to pull out early or get somebody to give me a massive kick in the ass so this doesnt happen again... stay tuned, resolve has been strengthened
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