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Glad you made your mind up. Can now rock on with your training.

Bet the adrenaline lent you some strength after the belt broke, lol.
haha it was certainly a moment to behold, its been on its way out for about a year, and probably not very safe to squat in anymore but fuck it, i wont it for a few weeks now. I was descending nice and I could feel it was moving then pop... the material ripped or something shattered in the buckle and I could sense all the lads looking round at each other spotting thinking has he just blew out his knee or his sphincter!?

Took it down the extra few inches regardless and come up nice still. Wasnt that calm about it after id finished from under the bar though. piece of sh..

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Great leg day, really like how you approach it all!
thanks coke, you will love some of the sessions I pump out in coming weeks!

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That's awesome about the belt! Maybe lay off the buffet fatty! Lol. Good plan on the ZMA and glutamine too. I take a recovery supp at night along with my glutamine. Then first thing in the am I take a mix of grapefruit juice, lemon juice, aminos, creatine and glutamine. My recovery has been sick!
HAHA less of that bruiser! As I said above its been on its death bed for a while! I find it ironic titan sell new buckles separately for the belts so its obviously a massive design flaw which a lot of people have suffered with. Cant knock them too much though, they do a lot for the sport and we'd be no where without them.

That sounds like an absolutely awesome drink/way to get it down you! Going to have get some fruit juices by the sounds of things!