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    looking for input to add strength and muscle to this area. I have been training both separate, but am looking into combining them for this purpose.

    What is your routine for this?

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    Personally I dont train shoulders heavy every week due to the threat of overtraining with heavy benching every week. Ill add shoulder work as more of an accessory with lighter weight higher reps. Still get some hypertrophy work this way.
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    I train all my 'push' muscles on the same session. Monday is bench night for us and we train chest, shoulders, and triceps. We train 3 days per week and each group get one training session per week. This is for maximum recover purposes. We start with bench press and about 1/2 our session is spent benching. Then we do 1-2 excercises per push muscle (pecs, delts, and triceps). Benching is basically Wendler 5-3-1 with some variations depending on the lifters experience age and recovery ability and is a constant. The 'accessary' (pec, delt, triceps) work is open to a chose of several different excercises as long as it addresses the desired muscle or muscle group. The key is basically consistancy from my experience. Just get on a good program and stay at it hard. Tweaking it to fit you as you go. Don't get in the habit of jumping around to every new training program that come along. Find one you're comfortable with and be at the gym everytime humanly possible and just train hard and with a determined purpose. If you do this and are training all of your muscle groups without favor, your body will find it's balance in developement over time. Although we train with great anticipation of gains, we have to also be patient and give things time to happen. I think the lack of patience today is the biggest stumbling block to most trainers (in any sport). A by-product of the 'got to have it now' generation. You should see the anguished looks I get when someone asked me how long it took me to get as strong as I am and I say "41 years". It's not the 6 weeks answer they were looking for! LOL! Good luck and mainly be consistant and just keep training. That's how you learn a lot about yourself and what works best for you.
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    I do some rep work to flush the shoulders a day or two after my heavy bench sessions...... does that count?

    My routine:
    Bench on Tuesday alternating between shirt, raw, boards, and heavy shirt to boards.
    Wed or Thurs: light military press, flys, rear delt work, maybe some light triceps work.....

    this certainly will build mass, but I couldn't care less as long as my bench keeps going up
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    Well i do Shoulders and Chest on different days My work out routine is as follow

    Monday: Chest

    Wednesday: Arms

    Friday : Shoulders

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    Quote Originally Posted by kallis View Post
    Well i do Shoulders and Chest on different days My work out routine is as follow

    Monday: Chest

    Wednesday: Arms

    Friday : Shoulders
    Would be interested to see how you work the chest and shoulders and still need the arms day.

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    Well depending on what type of routine you do it could be set up a couple different ways, I saw a routine recently someone posted that was westside based it went,
    Monday- ME Bench,triceps,heavy shoulders
    Wednesday- Back work and biceps
    Friday- speed bench,triceps, light shoulders

    But this was for someone who just benches and doesn't squat or dead but if you did sqaut or dead then you could do them on the back day and rotate your squat and dead days every week and for chest you could do inclines as supp work and throw some flyes in at the end of your workout as prehab work I've seen that before in a template for westside
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