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Thread: Routine Addition

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    Routine Addition

    I am going to start following the HCT-12 program and would like to ask those that have previously done this or are currently doing this a question. I am going with the 4 day routine as that is close to the general workout routine i've always had. However, I always added in cardio/abs in between my workouts. I know hct-12 addresses abs, quads, calf, etc but I was wondering if it would be too much to add in some cardio on the off days.

    I usually jog half a mile then run a mile on my off days, so I am wondering if this would be fine to add in to the routine. I know it's all subjective and will basically depend on what I am capable of, but from a general view does this sound like I will be over doing it? I just want to make sure I am getting my endurance up.

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    Get some rest when you can. It is very pivitol to your growth.
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    Cardio is fine, I normally do 1-2 days a week (off days) when doing HCT-12

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    A couple of days of conditioning exercise is great. Just don't get carried away with it, keep it pretty moderate.

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    Read this part of the training guidelines:

    "Other Activities

    Like warm-ups (possibly even more so), cardiovascular or energy systems work is at the bottom of the likes list. However, just like a proper warm-up, cardio is important for longevity and doing it, in whatever form you like best (or hate least), also improves your ability to lift. If you get breathless and nauseous doing biceps curls, then you know what we mean.

    This is a program for muscle gain, so the recommendations are about thirty minutes two or three times a week. More specifically, for the guys with very little muscle and very little fat, at most one session of thirty minutes a week. For the guys carrying a lot of extra body fat, two or three sessions a week. For the guys in-between, donít neglect it and donít go overboard; one or two times per week for you.

    Here are two great articles detailing how to implement Kettlebells (Kettlebells for the Uninitiated) and Complexes (Complexes for Fat Loss) for conditioning. Be aware that any loaded exercise will impact on your recovery, so follow the guidelines carefully. Our bodies are awesome machines, but they are not perfect, so while concentrating on building as much muscle as you possibly can, you are going to have to minimize the time and effort you put into other activities or risk compromising your results. Donít spread yourself too thinly."
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