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Thread: What equipment to get for a home gym?

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    What equipment to get for a home gym?

    Hi there,

    I'm almost completely new to bodybuilding, and I'm looking to get started. My preference is to get a home gym.

    My question is, what equipment should I buy? I'm looking to do a beginner's routine such as the one given here. Its likely that I'll be sticking to this routine for an year or so. I'm happy to get less weights for now and buy more as I need them.

    I was thinking of getting this machine and some weights, as I'm a bit short on space for a gym. Would that setup be enough for all the exercises in that beginner's routine from the article above?


    Edit: P.S if there are any other routines better for a complete newbie, feel free to share those too and what equipment they'd need..
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    Dont buy that machine. Buy these. All if you can afford it. If not, they are (imo) ordered from most to least urgent:

    Olympic barbell
    Weight plates
    Adjustable bench
    Blank collared dumbells
    Squat cage
    Chin-up/dip station
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    Thanks, but aren't all these (apart from the squat cage) only for upper body exercises? What lower body/leg exercises can I do with that setup apart from squats, or are squats enough on their own?

    The reason I was considering that other machine is because it had a leg extension thingy.

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    squat variations, dead lift variations, lunges, good mornings. Lots of people workout at home with this exact set-up and have no problem training lower body.
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    tom 183 gave you a great list for equipment. Those items give you everything you'll need for a good long time. You can add other things as you progress, but they aren't needed.

    When you first start out, you really don't need much else besides squats and deadlift variations to build up the legs. It's best to keep it basic at first. As you progress there are other exercises you can add with your simple equipments; Front squats, box squats, split squats, zercher squats, lunges, step-ups, hip thrusts, stiff-legged deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, good-mornings, pull-throughs, dumbbell leg curls, and the list goes on and on.

    For a routine, start with something basic. If you read the articles and stickies here, and you run accross a beginner routine, and you tell yourself that that routine is too simple and it will never work...that's the one you want to do Seriously, a routine that has about 6 exercises that cover the entire body is perfect. Here's a great example:

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    cheers thanks a lot guys

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    You can use a barbel for almost anything.
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