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Thread: Getting a training certificate

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    Getting a training certificate

    I understand there are MANY MANY certs I can pick up. As an extroverted lifter, I find myself growing more interested in all things fitness, including teaching people and watching them develop. I find a lot of similar satisfaction though working in the Student Affairs profession (Currently volunteer as an orientation coordinator at Eastern Michigan University) where the big concept is "educating the whole student."

    First things first, is there a certain training cert I should be looking at over another?
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    There are a ton of threads about this already. A search would turn up a lot.
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    Depends on what you're looking for. Your best bet would be to look at whatever job you want, and find out what that person has. For any strength and conditioning job, at least around here, they require a Bachelors degree and teacher certification, most double as teachers, but a lot of schools around here don't even bother and let the coaches do the job, unfortunately. I think 24 hr fitness requires "a trainer certificate from any of the following..." blah blah, 18 years old and able to lift 50 just depends on what you want, where you want to go, and who you want to be.
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