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Thread: How do you avoid muscle fatigue while on a cutting routine/calorie deficit?

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    How do you avoid muscle fatigue while on a cutting routine/calorie deficit?

    I have been on a cutting routine for the past two months and have been consistently eating about 500 calories below my maintenance level. So far I have been consistently losing about a pound a week, give or take, but over the past couple weeks I have been feeling extremely fatigued especially in my legs. This doesnít ever seem to affect my workouts, because once I get moving and the blood pumping I seem to have plenty of energy to power through my workouts (workouts consist of five min warm up on elliptical, five day split weight lifting, finish up with 20-30 min elliptical). I know that because Iím eating at a calorie deficit my body isnít getting all the energy it would like, but it is necessary in order to lose some body fat. For the record, my diet is pretty balanced with an adequate source of complex carbs, protein and some healthy fats. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to avoid this terrible fatigue feeling and get some of my energy back, without adding additional calories to my diet? I would like to continue to cut fat at the consistent pace that Iíve been going, but this weak tired feeling in my legs everyday is killing me.

    Height: 6 foot 1 inch
    Weight: 165 pounds
    Age: 22
    Estimated Calorie Maintenance: 2975
    Total Calories Eaten Daily: 2500

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    Cutting sucks. Training while cutting sucks even more. It sounds like you're doing just fine so long as your completing your sessions.

    A no cal approach would be stimulants before the session. A with cals approach would be some carbs during or before. You may be able to steal those cals from somewhere else in your diet. I find a good carb drink pre/during/post workout makes me way less hungry later in the day. So it may balance out and result in better sessions.

    PS: Excellent progress so far on this cut!
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    I run a 12 day keto phase, with a 2 day loading phase. During my first week of keto I feel great, but that 2nd week when carb depletion really sets in, my stimulants really help out. 1,3 DMAA, ECA stack, anything that's going to give me a boost in the gym. Cutting really really sucks if you're still keeping the workouts up and intensity high.
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