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Thread: What happened to Daniel?

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    What happened to Daniel?

    The guy who started this site? I see this site is now called "Chris Mason's WBB". Did Daniel sell the business to Chris?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davey View Post
    Did Daniel sell the business to Chris?

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    Was cool seeing his earlier Facebook promotions and contests. Gotta love tee shirts and a victory on two boxes of Mint Cookie Novous bars.

    As a side, does ALN have any promo items they distribute commercially? I was just thinking about some of the promo items from Clif Bar that we just gave out (and had a major reaction to) that we some times give out to people at the gym I work at (powerhouse). Dunno, just an after thought after receiving my box of Opticen, Nitrean, and BCAA+ today.
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