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    training methods

    Looking through my gym i have noticed that the 2 biggest most lean guys only do high rep sets one does them slow and concentrated the other who is a freak burns out or pumps his muscles i bet he did 10 bicep sets in 10 mins. Both of these guys could compete only one guy at my gym who competes does real heavy weight is this a coinsidence? Also there are several strong guys benching 400+ lbs but they dont have the shape as others but you can definetly tell they are strong.
    I guess my reason for this rant is how do you know how many sets reps days you need to do? whats the optimum for your body? I could be gettting progress one way but maybe id get more another. I might just be putting too much thought into it but sometimes i wonder how i will ever find the way i grow the best
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    We all struggle to find the optimal routine.

    It's the one that you can keep adding weight to the bar and keep growing.

    It can take YEARS to find it... and 'optimal' can change over time as you change.

    Stick with the basics - work hard - you can't go wrong.

    What works for others might not at all work for you.
    Squats work better than supplements.
    "You know, if I thought like that, I'd never put more than one plate on the bar for anything, I'd never use bands or chains, I'd never squat to parallel or below, and I'd never let out the slightest grunt when I lift. At some point in your lifting career (assuming you're planning on getting reasonably strong and big), you're going to have to accept that most people think you are some kind of freak." -Sensei
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    for me, more weight more weight more weight........ ever wonder how they get so big and lift such heavy weights? cause they do!

    and sleep and eat!!

    Lift heavy
    sleep heavy
    Eat heavy


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