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Thread: Loose these freaking man boobs

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    Loose these freaking man boobs

    Hey all,

    So my name is bhanu and i am here to get help from all those who offer it as for about me i am of 21 yrs 5'9 i weight something around 75kg more or less, then i have had man boobs since i was like 13 ( my father has them too, if it has anything to do with it), soo in the last two years i went really fat cause i even stopped playing any sport as i came in college and rather started smoking tobbaco as well as marijuana quite too often but then 3 months from now i had a self realization and started working for my body and to loose these boobs and get fit , i started with taking fat burners for 1 month they worked fine i lost a bit of my fat, but then i met with an accident( and ended up doing smtgh realy bad to my ankle)and my doctor has advised me not to do any kind of running or jogging for at least st 2-3 more moths so just cause i dnt run i stooped taking them and have been going to the gym regurally from 2 months, i can feel the chest muscle going hard but all that fat is still hanging over there,by someone's recommendation i have also started to take protein from like last 3 weeks and as for my gym routine on monday i do biceps & triceps,tue- chest and back, wed- shoulder and a bit of leg (so that i can recover fatser) so looking forward to your comments thanks all and let me know if should upload a pick of my upper body if it helps cause seriously i am ready to do all to loose them as fast i can.


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    To lose fat anywhere on your body you must diet. Keep going with the lifting in the gym, I would do heavy sets of about 5 reps. You have to take in less calories than you burn consistently.
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    Get a BRO too. That will help in the meantime.

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    Bhanu, I've never heard the term 'man boobs', but I believe you're referring to what's known as gynocomastia, or what bodybuilders call "Bitch tits". The condition can arise from a number of reasons. Most often it's the result of a hormonal imbalance but can be triggered even by some medications such as Tagamet. Your best bet would be to refrain from smoking pot and consult an endocrinologist. Good luck bro.

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    If they showed up around 13 which Im guessing was around puberty then it's pre pubescent gyno, and if your father has it then it is definitely pre-pubescent gyno which can be hereditary as in your case. Keep losing weight but unfortunately the only way to get rid of your man boobs or the fat in the lower portion of your breast is by surgery.

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