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    how far can you throw 56lbs?

    yep, another "road to" blahblahblah log.. I thought about digging up my old log, but my training is incredibly different these days. I am currently working towards going pro in the Highland Games. I'm currently ranked 9th in the country in amateurs and have a couple championship games coming up. I've come a long way in the last year and a half but I still have quite a bit to go. While "in season" or focusing on peaking for a Highland Games competition, I will not be training heavy at all. Only assistance, o-lifts and speed work. I'm going to get my hands on a Power Factor device shortly so I can see how fast my reps really are, then focus on going as hevay as possible while still hitting 1m/s.

    This log will double as a food pr0n blog..

    Here is my recent training beginning with this past sunday.

    8/7/11 - throws

    14# stone x8 standing (best of 43'), x8 spin (best of 47')
    56# wfd x5-8, best of 36'
    28# wfd x5-8, best of 69'
    16# hammer x5-8, best of 118'
    56# wob x3-4 @ 13'

    drove down to tucson to throw with Jason Barba and some of his crew. blegh, terrible session.. everything felt super tight and slow, not happy with this session. I sure hope he got more out of this than I did, haha..


    8/8/11 - assistance + o-lift day

    12" bw box squats x about 10 sets of 5-8, working on form and explosion off the box
    clean grip hang snatch- up to 165x5x3
    hang clean- up to 255x5x3
    push press- 225x5x3
    bb rows- 315x8x3
    pullups- BWx10, x5

    wanted to do some close grip pressing but didn't have enough time. took up too much time working on the box squats. focused on sitting far back and exploding off the box with my hips without rocking.. definitely felt the difference, need to start working this up so I can get that explosion out of the hole again.

    went to a friends house for dinner, gnocci w/ steak and some extras, very tasty


    8/9/11 - throws

    16# hammer x15-20
    16# stone, standing x10-15, spin x10-15

    hammer went terrible, hips were too tight from the box squates yesterday, was able to get loose a couple times but hips were just too slow once I sped things up. Did get some quality reps in just going slow and hitting positions. stones felt pretty good, really able to get separated and deliver high, still need to work on getting more on my left before popping..

    chicken parm for dinner, nom nom nom


    8/10/11 - throws

    16# hammer x15-20
    53# wfd, single x5-8, double x10-15
    28# wfd x5-7

    hammers felt much better.. did 5-8 nice and slow, then sped it up a little as time went on until it broke somewhere around 20 throws, didn't go over 80-90%. wfd felt pretty terrible at first then slowly got a bit better.. didn't focus on drilling like I should have as hwfd was getting frustration.. need more reps


    8/11/11 - throws

    28# wfd, single x10, double x15
    16# stone, standing x8, spin x8

    great session, was able to keep loose, slowed things down and hit positions. Watching the video I see there are a few things I need to work on. I need to get WAY lower for the weights.. I think my cast might be a bit off to my left too so I need to work on that. Please feel free to comment about what you think may need to be changed or worked on. Thanks!!

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