Your throwing is getting better. Seems like you still have a tendancy to spin your whole body together. I always thought of it like a race between my lower body and upper body, and the lower body should win by a lot. Like a batter in baseball when they go to swing. Their hips are almost facing the outfield and the bat and hands are still back behind their head. Gives them that speed and power from the whipping action. I don't really know how to tell you to work on that though. For me, I would just always be repeating "quick feet" in my head. And always focused on doing my footwork as quickly as possible, and the upper body and whatever implement I was holding was getting pulled along for the ride.

lol, keep in mind my knowledge in throwing is limited. I threw shot/discus for 4 seasons(7th-10th grade), and threw hammer and discus for one season in college. And I wasn't any good, I just enjoyed it.