being heavier you can get away with errors in technique and your bodyweight will counter balance enough to still produce a good throw. being lighter, you can be faster but it requires better technique. I want to be healthy, athletic, strong, etc... with the work I've been putting in with my technique, achieving all that while maintining good throws is a definite possibility..

thanks for the kind words dunc.. some more updates:

7/2/12 - squat/bench + throws: hwfd/ostone
am training

56# wfd
*1 turns x5
*full x 12

15.5# stone
*msa x2
*full x8

meh, nothing exciting, no real notes to apply here.. msa felt pretty good, going to start working this as a backup

pm training

1.27mi in 5mins - warmup on stationary bike

squat- triples up to 425x3, 405x5, 315x8
bench- triples up to 335x3, 315x5, 255x10
dips- bw + mini band x10, +2 bands x10x2

meh.. squat bar is feeling heavier and heavier.. looking forward to a deload


7/3/12 - throws: hwfd
am training

56# wfd
*1 turn x10

focus on separation at the front, get the left leg down fast, sink, drive, explode

full x15

stay on toes, pivot right foot for sprint and finish, sink hips to drive to 0, separate at the front.. huge explosion for sprint & finish

... feeling a little better, just feels like there isn't much in the tank for the sprint and finish.. I go to pull and it feels like nothing is there.. frustrating to say the least


7/4/12 - throws: stone

15.5# stone
*standing x6-8
*full spin x15-20

watched a lot of vids of ryan whiting, jacko gill, reese hoffa, cantwell and nelson and learned a few things that I put into today's training. driving the left knee down, loading it better without falling into the middle. also working on putting my right where I want it, instead of jumping onto it. from there, explosively pulling my left around... still lots of work to do, but I'm onto something here.


7/5/12 - deads/push press

1.26miles in 5mins on stationary bike for warmup

deadlifts- triples to 565x3, 535x4, 425x10
push press- triples to 275x3, 265x4, 205x10
pullups- BWx10, x5x2

*sigh* weaker by the day... unhappy


7/7/12 - throws: stone/wfd/hammer

23.5# stone
*non reverse x4
*full x4-5

56# wfd x6-8
28# wfd x12-14

16# hammer x4-6

just going through motions, things seem to be getting further off.. just not getting the feeling I was, nothing in the tank, beginning to think I'm overtrained and need some time off. Flagstaff coming up, ugh, terrible time for this to happen


7/9/12 - squat/bench & throws: hwfd
am training

56# wfd
*stand x8-10
*full x12-16

still nothing in the tank, just no drive and pop. Positions seem good, need to remember to keep my head up.. keep in front of the weight, drive to zero, blah blah blah

pm training

1 mile warmup in 3:30 on stationary bike

squat- up to 445x1, 405x1
21" box squat- 315x5x3 fast
GMs- 225x10x3
bench- up to 355x2, 315x4
dips- bw + efs mini band x10, +2 bands x10

500m row in 1:38 to finish things off

felt like I was going to get squashed under the bar, ugh, tired of these bad sessions


7/10/12 - oly training / throws: ostone
am training

15.5# stone
*stand no reverse x 6-8
*full stand x 6-8
*full spin footwork drills
*full spin x 18-20

again, no pop.. focusing on a fast left leg on the drills.. also trying to stay on my toes on my right so that I can finish with my right knee forward before exploding..

pm training

500m wu row in 1:37

ghr- bw x10x2
muscle snatch- 40kg x3x2, 50x3
power snatch- 60x2x3, 80x3x2
snatch pulls- 80x3x2, 110x3x3
drop snatches- 40x3, 50x3x3

expanded my grip on the drop snatches, much more comfortable in the oh squat position, will give this a shot on the rest of the snatches. a bit sore on the inside of my wrist, but I'm sure that'll go away with time

on a side note, I'm now convinced I'm overtrained based on my low calories and overall shitty feeling. I'm weak, low energy, no pop, very "fuzzy" on the throws.. everything just feels off. I feel that the heavy work in the gym is just killing my CNS while on the lower calories so I've decided to switch back to 5/3/1 for my main lifts. Outside of a recovery-esq workout on monday I'm taking off lifting until after the flagstaff games. I'm also done throwing until saturday. From there, I'll throw heavy monday and light tuesday then done for the remainder of the week to recover.