thanks guys.. pulls felt heavier than I wanted them to but still pretty easy. 531 next week has me at 530 for the last set so I'm going to push for 6-8ish.. the rower really takes it out of my back so I suppose we'll just see, haha.

yesterday's update:

8/16/12 - throws: stone/hammer

15.5# stone
*non-reverse stands x 5
*full stands x5
*180 footwork drill x 10
*180 drill w/stone x 5
*full spin x 10

14# hammer
*2 winds x 5
*3 winds x 3

getting more comfortable with the stone. pushing the right hip through and opening up my left arm while keeping my torso square to the back.. getting a good push on the stone. same thing on 180s, focusing on separating as much as possible and pushing the hip through. on the fulls, focusing on a very slow entry as to get into the position without blowing by and rushing my upper. these were about 50/50.. still have to take it slowly or else I finish too early.. more work

working on a long left side on hammer.. trying to really extend my right arm and kepe the left long. pushing my right shoulder back and down is helping with catching the hammer higher for a longer "chop" action. 14# hammer moves a bit faster than the 16# so it's helping with speed as well.. looking forward to pushing this a bit harder on saturday.

bodyweight is still sitting around 275ish which is good.. looking to start cutting again after pton. I'd really like to be 250 somewhere around decemberish.