Another thing to keep in mind when making points and counterpoints regarding crossfit is there is a BROAD range of coaching quality. Anyone can open a box. A level 1 certification is $1,000 and very thorough, but some people take it when they aren't really ready. I've been doing xfit over a year and have gotten pretty decent with OLY lift form but I wouldn't try to coach anyone beyond a basic question. As with any discipline, the ego can fuel a person's desire to coach despite their level of experience.

Also...crossfit depends heavily on volunteer coaches.

I'm lucky to have great coaches who check their ego at the door. The main coaches are paid as well, and carrying professional degrees related to fitness/nutrition and carrying multiple Crossfit certificates. We also have ties to local competitive power/OLY lifting athletes. I've always felt confident about the quality of our leadership. There are plenty of other xfitters at other gyms who aren't getting that. By the same token, the personal training world is pretty sketchy as well, and bodybuilding Bro Science runs rampant. I'm a firm believer in judging the individual athlete Instead of judging the discipline or program by the actions of individuals.