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Thread: possible fractured spine *FML*

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    possible fractured spine *FML*

    So I got some x-rays done to see why I been encountering lower back spasms the past few weeks. I already knew my spine was compressed to begin with and that my nerves between my vertabrae are very thin. I religiously do re-hab such as inversion table, foam roller, stretches, etc after every lowerbody workout (including cardio days).
    After this visit, I find out my spine is crooked shifting to the right (minor issue according to the chiropractor). But the major news was that one of my lower vertabrae's may be fractured. So the chiropractor send out my x-rays to get a second opinion. I am praying that it is not fractured being at such young age for this (I'm 25, turning 26 soon). What's crazy was I pulled a new PR the day before the scans were done and my back felt fine.

    Dear (powerlifting) God, please send me the good news so I can resume my journey of 500 bench/600 pull.

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    Good luck man.

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    I hope the second opinion is a real MD and not another chiro
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    Quote Originally Posted by Behemoth View Post
    I hope the second opinion is a real MD and not another chiro
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    My brother is just about to finish Med school and shared some information with me. After your undergraduate and MCAT exam you must apply for med school. If you did not make near the top of your class, you may very well not be accepted that year. You can only try again the next year. Most people already have substantial bills, and need to be in school to differ their loan's interest, or begin working to pay them. One route that many take is to be a chiropractor. There may be a couple of people out there that set out to be chiropractors, but generally they are wannnabe doctors that didn't cut it for some reason. They provide a valuable service, but they are chiropractors, not doctors.
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    Best wishes bro.

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    good point fellas. i am getting this service done for free through my GF so I didn't really want to ask so many questions and be a nuisance. But as soon as he calls me, I will ask who his source is to see if its a legit doctor or just another chiro. thanks for the kind words. im still crossing fingers!

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    X-rays are useless in sorting out a complex issue like this in someone your age. MRI is needed. As others have said, if the 2nd opinion is from another chiropractor, I would respectfully disregard anything said. If the 2nd opinion is from a family medicine physician, I would respectfully disregard anything said.

    Bottom line is --- you're young with a lot of years ahead of you (both in and out of the weightroom) if you take care of yourself. If there's any true concern regarding an injury of this nature, see a neurosurgeon or spine surgeon. Best of luck.
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