I've been training and going to the gym for about 4 years now and I am not noticing any results at all. I do notice my arms getting a little bit bigger or my stomach a little flatter but it goes away and my old body returns.

My main goal has been to get lean and stay lean but my work has not gotten me to this point just yet. I'm 18 years old, 185 pounds and 6 '2". I have skinny arms and half a muffin top stomach. I want to trim all these love handles, and build a nice big body and maintain it throughout my training.

A body like the one in the link above is what I'm after.

First I want to gain some more mass because I dont like my skinny body. I want advice on how to train, what to eat, cardio help, getting cut, and anything else that would be essential to getting lean and helping my body reach its potential.

I finally have the dedication and motivation to get started, but I dont know where. Someone please help me...