I read an article from AJ Roberts and knowing some of the guys here probably know him or at least are familiar with what is happening at Westside now, I'm trying to clarify what he said to the extent possible:

"I think people have misunderstood the changes for our dynamic squat workouts. We still perform several speed sets, 3-5, but we’re using a higher percentage, as this is what has been working. For a while they were going heavy every single week, but we have backed off of this for this training cycle, and so far everyone is getting stronger. It's actually very similar to what Westside did before bands and chains as far as percentages go, but now we are incorporating them as well. "

Can I take this to mean DE percents range between 60-70% or possibly 70-80% and then after 3-5 sets they will work up to 80-90% for a set or two as Lou recommended in some articles? This is the only place I've seen this, otherwise it seems to be the standard 50-60%. Any help on what he means would be appreciated.