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Thread: I'll stop asking questions one day.

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    I'll stop asking questions one day.

    My university is hosting a strongman event in about seven months. My orginal inetntions where to add on as much muscle mass as possible between now and then in attempts to prepare for the event, but I honestly don't know if thats the right direction to head in or not. Any advice on workouts, nutrition, article references, etc would be much appreciated. I haven't really trained in about three months, and before that I had only been working out consistenly for about three months, so if yall think it would be hard to even put up a fight, I have no problems with waiting till it comes around the year after. The events are Atlas stones, Fingles fingers, truck pull, whatever the keg toating thing is lol, and a standard barbell deadlifting. I'm 6'1 255lbs(i would guess high 30% low 40% in bodyfat) if that would help anyone diagnose anything. Thanks.
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    Work the events weekly. Mass doesn't always equal strength. For most it just equals more fat. Eat big but eat smart. Stay in shape. Buy a sled or prowler and work it 3 days per week. Hit the core lifts and be strong with chins and dips. Do tons of abs and prehab mobility work. Do these things and you do well.
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    I agree with Scott on this..... but if it's just 2 weight classes ( light and heavy) or one I'd just go for it and gain whatever you can until it starts to effect your deadlift.

    Work the prowler for that cardio... and practice the heck out of the events. There's a lot of technique to all of them ( not that I'm any good at them, but I've used all of those toys before)

    As for trying the contest...... who cares how you do? If it's your first go-around just go out and gain some experience. If anything it'll help you next year when you are ready to give it a serious try.
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