I have searched around a bit on google but didn't really find any good answers to what I was looking for. This is going to be a bit long winded...

Back in January I slipped on some steps and instinctively tried to post with my right hand and landed more or less on my right thumb. My girlfriend had to take me to the ER and it was confirmed that it was broken. Also I believe that it was the ligament or joint that tore that held the thumb in place. In between the time of the fall and the time I actually found a competent surgeon my thumb would pop in and out of place at the slightest pressure. It was incredibly painful to say the least. I ended up having surgery and having two pins inserted in my hand.

Shortly before the pins were due to come out they started moving around and the insertion location became infected and the infection spread and I ended up in the ER again and they had to be removed a week early. I spent another month recovering and then ended up going back to work (I spent a total of 3 months on short term disability).

I work as a utility lineman and my job is pretty physical. My thumb seemed to get a little better but progressively got worse and worse. I didn't even attempt any training during this time trying to let it heal as best as it could. Eventually the pain got to the point that I couldn't even pick up a paperback book. I ended up getting an MRI and it was found that the thumb was pulled back apart and the joint had developed degenerative arthritis.

It was recommended that I get a fusion surgery. It removes the joint and causes a slight loss in mobility of the thumb but apparently restores full grip strength.

Has anyone had this kind of surgery done and if so how has it affected your training or competition?