Well, I finally figured out how to make the nasty frozen purdue chicken from Costco actually taste good. For those who don't know, costco sells a TEN POUND bag of chicken breasts for only $17. They are frozen of course and getting them to taste good can be rather annoying at times...

Anyway, I finally figured it out tonight...

1) Take frozen breasts out of freezer and place into zip lock bag
2) Pour in carolina sweet BBQ sauce. http://www.armadillopepper.com/Stick...QSAU-STFCS.htm
3) Pour in texas pete hot sauce, about half the amount of BBQ sauce..http://www.texaspete.com/
4) Slosh the mixture around in the bag and make sure it is covering all your pieces of chicken.
5) Let the chicken thaw in the marinade for 2-3 hours (alternatively you can just put them in the fridge and marinade over night)
6) Spray or add just a light coating of olive oil or cooking lubricant of choice in the pan.
7) I found they taste best by giving them a lot of browning on the skin...borderline burning them, but not black.

The way I eat it is I cook a cup of rice while cooking the chicken. When the chicken is done, I remove the chicken, clean the pan, cut the chicken up, then add both the rice and the chicken back to the pan. I top it off with some teriyaki or soy sauce and it is fucking delicious.

Very cheap and very easy to do...The mix of BBQ/Texas Pete is fucking fantastic.

Just thought I'd share.