Pretty sad...

"I can't believe it! It is with every ounce of sadness that I say goodbye to my brother, my mate and my biggest inspiration in bodybuilding.

To Nora and Luke's family, I can't believe he has been taken from us and that I wont see him here again. It's not fair and I don't understand why this has happened. This has brought me to my knees. I loved Luke so much and for so many reasons that I can't count. I feel so helpless and small, I just want my mate back!

I just got off to sleep and Schmebri phoned me, I answered the phone and the first thing I said was what's happened to Luke, is he ok? Schembri told me he had just passed minutes ago. Schembri was a mess, crying uncontrollably for his brother too. Luke took a turn again and was rushed back in to hospital rejecting the kidney, but we lost him.

I can't absorb this, I can't believe it's real! Until we meet again, RIP Luke, my life is so much better for you being in it!

Love always, Phil and Vania Primmer"