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Thread: Considering activity level

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    Considering activity level

    Trying to get started on this HCT-12 program, trying to figure out what I should be eating. The HCT-12 nutrition article says to take your target or current BW times your activity level. I'm assuming this pertains to your time in the gym, but was curious if I should take into account my highly active job.

    I work receiving for a Bed, Bath, and Beyond and am lifting boxes all day long - probably an average of 25lbs. Should I consider my job when finding my activity level? I figure I'm burning more calories than average and so I feel I should be using the "High Activity Level" of 19 but I only plan on being in the gym about 5 hours a week (which would be a 16 multiplier) .

    Thoughts? Thanks.
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    Yes, those formulas are for activity outside the gym as I understand it. So if you haven't tracked calories in the past and have nothing to go off of then yes use the formula, monitor your results, and in time adjust if need be.

    If I were you, I would also take into consideration you current bodyfat level before picking a multiplier. If you're not naturally very lean then starting off in the upper end of the spectrum (even if very active) could lead to gaining more bodyfat than necessary. IMO it makes more sense to air on the conservative side and end up needed to adjust calories up than end up needed to adjust calories because you're gaining too much bodyfat.
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